I\’ve written many posts on how you can get those links. However, there are certain rules you need to follow to make your link building campaigns most effective.

The most important rule: Get relevant links only! This is vital for your search engine rankings, so this one rule should be followed all the time.

One-way links are better than reciprocal links (links being exchanged), three-way links, or other options. External links should point to not only the homepage, but also to other important inner pages of your site.

The links should appear slowly, about one to five per day maximum. Otherwise it could look suspicious or unnatural for search engines; this might harm your site rather than help it. So don\’t rush – plan your work wisely.

Links should contain the target keywords in the anchor text. It is a good idea to have the link inside some relevant text paragraph, and not alongside lots of other links.

External links must be permanent and static, not dynamic with query strings or otherwise auto-generated. Simple HTML links are the best. Links should not be from framed pages, since they most likely wouldn\’t be read by search engine bots. For the same reason, external links must be in the text, not in images, flash, or graphics. Also, links cannot be through a redirect script or some other JavaScript.

Don\’t use any hidden links or other unethical tactics. It\’s not worth it!

It is better when links open in the same window. In other words, make sure target=_blank and other similar tags are not used in the code of the link. Never include a rel=nofollow tag with a link; this tells Google not to follow that link!

Don\’t try to spam blogs or forums with automated comments or posts. And don\’t try other so-called black-hat (or even grey-hat) techniques. You\’ll just get into trouble sooner or later.

I wouldn\’t suggest using link exchange/text brokering programs. Manual work is always more rewarding at the end of the day.

Get links from well-visited sites instead of barely web-visible ones. You can get an idea of the site\’s traffic from checking on Alexa.com or Compete.com.

That\’s it for now. In my next post we will discover more rules for obtaining strong one-way links to your website. Stay tuned.

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