Upcoming Healthcare + UX MeetUp Sponsored by mobileStorm

mobileStorm has announced that it will sponsor an upcoming MeetUp in L.A. presented by The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup Group.

The organization is launching a new series, Healthcare + UX.

Healthcare + UX: Improving the Quality of Healthcare Experience is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11th at 7:00 PM at Courtyard Los Angeles in Sherman Oaks, California.

According to event organizers, healthcare is growing immensely more complex in 2014 with an ever-widening pool of stakeholders ranging from hospitals and physicians, to startup makers of mHealth solutions and the FDA itself.

All told, the rapidly evolving dynamics of and players within the healthcare industry are altering the landscape of healthcare forever and raising important questions in the process:

How does a patient or a caregiver navigate this maze to get the best possible care? And, the most appropriate doctor? Or, how does one get a claim successfully processed…without pain! How does a consumer access the most relevant health information?

Those behind The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup believe that “product design / UX design will change healthcare.”

So if you’re in L.A. and want to join the discussion and begin influencing people’s experience in healthcare, check out the Healthcare + UX MeetUp next week.

To learn more about the event and its speakers, click here.


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