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Outside The Inbox: Video Edition - Episode 7Remember how, before the writers’ strike, top TV shows would go on hiatus for months at a time while their scribes toiled over ways to make their programs better than ever? Um, yeah, that’s what’s happening with mobileStorm’s Outside The Inbox: Video Edition.

To that end, this week we’re offering new viewers the perfect way to get acquainted with our humorous online news program about digital communications, called OTIVE for short: A clip show combining some of the best stories of the past six episodes.

Hey, just be glad we’re not trying to fool you with a ”best episode ever” line. You know, the way Seinfeld did with its ”two-hour finale” made up of one official clip show followed by an allegedly new episode that was really just more clips cobbled together by a strange-even-for-Seinfeld barebones plot.

But while we won’t call this the ”best episode,” this week’s video is sort of like a ”best of.” And if you disagree, why, please leave a comment! We love that.

Check out OTIVE episode 7: /videos/Outside-the-Inbox-with-Jared-Reitzin-v126

Eydie Cubarrubia
Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm
“I’d rather you text me”


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