mobileStorm staff are highly experienced in targeting technologies, including SMS/text, mobile marketing, and email. The following is written by Devra Schreiber, Client Satisfaction Manager, mobileStorm

I don\’t know much\”¦

But I know I get email, and I certainly know that I get junk mail. The unsolicited material usually finds its way into my junk box, but at times also appears alongside the treasured chain-letters from my crazy aunt, or the not-so-funny emails that my father insists on sending me no matter how much I protest.

Will I open these unwanted emails from strangers? It depends. If I – to whom my husband happily refers to as the \”Last Angry Woman\” – will open them, then I am willing to bet that other people will, too.

So what will make me open an email? Enticing coupons or discounts that I actually care about. Even if I have never heard of the company before, if they offer me something that I desire, and with a chance to save money, then I am all ears. Let me stress: This has to be a real, honest offer. No catches, no ridiculous hoops to jump through, no getting me to the website and then making me take a personality test or figure out a logic puzzle. I don\’t like being fooled, and in fact I will ban such companies from my inbox.

And for the love of Pete, don\’t bog me down with a ton of images or a ton of text. I am too busy to read seven paragraphs about a new dog shampoo, and I get enough external stimuli throughout the day, so I don\’t need fifteen small pictures packed into one email message. (For more information, read this.)

Devra Schreiber, Client Satisfaction Manager, mobileStorm