A growing number of marketers are making video a cornerstone of their mobile and digital marketing tactics. Not surprisingly, 8 in 10 marketers are now using videos on their own websites. Fueling the video boom, marketing professionals confess, is the increasing affordability of video production resources. From the HD recording capabilities of most smartphones, to readily accessible… Read More

When it comes to online and mobile services, consumers value their privacy. But they also value a good discount. The findings of a new study commissioned by TRUSTe and conducted by Harris Interactive reveal that 9 out of 10 Internet users in the United States are concerned enough about their privacy to take steps to shore up… Read More

Mobile marketing has been called the ultimate equalizer, especially when it comes to local businesses trying to compete with and match the marketing power of larger businesses that occupy the same community. For that reason, equipping locally-owned small businesses with the knowledge and resources requisite to thrive in competition with big companies for consumer affections and dollars… Read More

Although the digital age has certainly played a role in the regrettable emergence and subsequent growth of cyberbullying, technology is now playing a role in combating the epidemic it has helped to create. According to published reports out of Boston, public schools in Beantown have rolled out a new two-way texting service aimed at curbing bullying by… Read More

The casino industry has been dealt a winning hand. mobileStorm Inc., a leading Communication Service Provider, has announced a new strategic partnership with Las Vegas marketing agency SK+G. For more than a decade, SK+G has provided strategic branding to leading companies on both the domestic and international stage. mobileStorm will now deliver to SK+G’s gaming and hospitality… Read More

Back in March, mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin made the bold offer of paying a $1,000 bonus to any employee willing to brand  themselves  by tattooing the company’s logo on a visible part of their body. Within days, he was already forced to pay up when Roxanne Brown, a mobileStorm Customer Satisfaction Rep, took the plunge by inking… Read More

Mountain High (mthigh.com) created a radio spot that is being played all over Los Angeles on radio stations such as the world-famous KROQ. A storm trooper, that’s what we call our employees, (note the name is taken from Star Wars, not WWII) heard the radio ad on her way to work. We asked Mt. High to send… Read More

Being in mobile for a decade, I have heard it all, especially from those who think mobile marketing is stupid. There is a common theme among companies that believe mobile marketing is intrusive. I speak with prospects all the time that have either tried mobile and said it was not successful or won’t try it because they… Read More


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