For Digital Content Marketing, the Focus Should Be on Existing SkillsFor businesses large and small, the growing trend is to use content marketing to create “buzz” around a new product or service, specifically through digital resources like social media.

It’s a proven fact that original content is highly effective for marketing. Running a content marketing campaign, however, isn’t something that can just be whipped together out of thin air. Whether your company consists of you and one or two employees or you’re a multinational brand, relying on the skill set that you and your team already has is one of the most important factors for success.

Before beginning any campaign you need to take a good look at who’s going to create your content, manage it and, most importantly, where you’re going to publish it. It’s certainly easy enough to say that you’re going to “start a Facebook campaign,” create an infographic, host an online contest, create a funny meme using gerbils or author a few interesting blogs to promote your service, but all of these things take time, energy, and resources.

The first and most simple question you need to ask yourself is: “Do we have the resources to do this?” And the next should be: “Who in the organization can best to handle this?” Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it’s not always about quantity but quality.

The fact is that creating all of this content is time-consuming. If time is in short supply around your business then you’d best concentrate on producing content that is top quality rather than producing tons of content that’s mediocre at best.

Ask yourself who in your company can write Blogs, create infographics or create interesting content in general. We’re talking about videos and filming, editing and lighting skills as well as writing skills. Design is important as well as managing social media and event planning. Finding the best person to handle your Google analytics is a good idea too. Keep in mind that few companies have the budget of a Toyota or Coca-Cola and thus any content needs to be put together using the available human resources at hand.

Simply put, it’s much easier to develop a content marketing campaign when you first know who among your staff can actually create the content you desire. If you don’t have the resources to create online videos then you’d best focus on content marketing that you can create using the resources that you actually do have.

There are, to be sure, multiple avenues for content marketing that can be used by practically all companies big and small. The trick is simply, before setting out to create your content , to first figure out exactly what you can and can’t do based on your budget, your time constraints and your people. Once you do that it makes putting together a content marketing strategy much easier and increases your chances of success exponentially.