This week on OTI the latest iPhone porn craze, and how Jared struggles with whether to make the Blackberry or iPhone the standard company phone. He also covers ICANN’s new .asia domain, soon be released to the happiness of cyber squatters.

This week, mobileStorm offers new viewers the perfect way to get acquainted with its humorous online news show about digital communications, called Outside The Inbox: Video Edition: A clip show combining some of the best stories of the past six episodes.

This week on Outside The Inbox: Video Edition, mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin calls out U.S. online users for not generating content like they do in other countries; and notes how the American Idol generation would rather vote for president the way they do their favorite crooners.

This week, Outside The Inbox introduces a new segment called ”Boiling Point,” in which mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin rants about issues or news events that negatively affect digital marketers. In this episode, Jared talks about the closed systems of U.S. cellular service providers.

This week on Outside The Inbox Episode 4, Jared talks about SMS-guarded public restrooms in Finland, and imagines how less-than-expected revenues might hurt Google.

This week on Episode 3 Jared talks about the Cuban people’s new found freedom in the ability to purchase and use mobile phones, does a Ralph Nadar text message rap dissing presidential candidates Hillary, Barak and McCain, and discusses the phenomenally fast growing SMS messaging industry.

This week on Outside the Inbox, Jared talks about gender statistics on the Internet, new behavioral targeting legislation in New York, and major SMS spam in China.

mobileStorm is taking digital messaging education a step further with Outside the Inbox: Video Edition. This weekly online show features CEO Jared Reitzin talking about the latest news in the industry – with mobileStorm’s own irreverent comedic take on the issues.


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