Something to fill the void if strikes shut The Daily Show again

mobileStorm\'s News Video Debuts TodayRegular readers of this blog know about mobileStorm\’s leadership in digital marketing – as both a provider of services and as marketers ourselves. We\’ve done it again, taking online video to new heights as we launch Outside The Inbox: Video Edition.

Planned as a weekly show, Video Edition joins the email newsletter, Outside The Inbox, as part of mobileStorm\’s informational offerings that aim to help digital marketers learn about the industry – and aid them in improving their own digital messaging campaigns.

Does that sound boring? Don\’t fret! Outside The Inbox: Video Edition offers mobileStorm\’s unique, irreverent and (we hope) humorous take on the latest happenings in the industry. The show\’s lofty goal is to be the Daily Show of digital marketing news. At least (the hope goes) you\’ll be entertained while being educated. Kids don\’t know they’re learning!

True, humor is subjective. What might be \”hilarious\” to one viewer might be \”horrendous\” to another. But eliciting opposing opinions goes with the territory of engaging an audience – something all marketers strive to do. Very soon, you\’ll be able to comment on all our videos right on our video community site. For now, though, feel free to send your responses and reactions to this blog post.

Eydie Cubarrubia
Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm
\”I\’d rather you text me\”