New mobileStorm Whitepaper: SMS Marketing Not A Crapshoot For Casinos

Los Angeles, CA –  mobileStorm has unveiled the latest in its line of valuable white papers for digital marketers, this time focused on SMS marketing for casino clients.

Titled ”How The Casino Next Door Is Getting Ready To Kick Your A**: Why It’s Time to Get Real About Mobile in Casino Marketing,” the white paper outlines how SMS, or text messaging, can be used to boost business in light of the challenges facing the casino industry today. It explains the unique benefits of text messaging, how casinos can use the medium in their marketing campaigns, and how SMS can help casinos both retain current customers and acquire new ones.

”With the economy today, it’s understandable that consumers are wary of spending money for entertainment and gaming,” said mobileStorm CEO and founder Jared Reitzin. ”But casinos are offering specials that let their customers have a good time at a lower cost – everything from room deals to food, drink and spa coupons. SMS lets casinos notify their customers of these price breaks in real-time. Text messaging is also ideal for communicating with ‘players club’ members, different offers can be triggered to different members depending upon their level of play.  inherent sense of immediacy, it also encourages casino customers to act quickly on special offers.”There are virtually no delivery issues with SMS and 95% of all messages are read within the first 15 minutes. It’s the perfect marketing and alerting channel for the gaming industry.

The outlook seems bleak for the casino industry. Fitch Ratings says that commercial casino revenue fell 2.5 percent in 2008 and won’t recover until at least 2010. Meanwhile the industry must do more with less, marketing-wise: Consider that the Nevada Tourism Board slashed traditional advertising and told casinos and resort to use cheaper, digital methods of marketing such as mobile marketing and social media.

Luckily, the white paper points out, successful properties have already reaped positive results with SMS. Their campaigns prove that text messaging offers a high rate of return, while being an affordable method of marketing. Such forward-thinkers include MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Barona Valley Ranch, and Palms Casino Resort.

The white paper outlines what kind of promotional programs are in place. It explains to casino marketers how they, too, can benefit if they implement text-messaging campaigns.

A free copy of ”How The Casino Next Door Is Getting Ready To Kick Your A**: Why It’s Time to Get Real About Mobile in Casino Marketing,” is available for download here.

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For a decade mobileStorm has pioneered the concept of digital marketing. Having successfully delivered more than 3 billion messages on behalf of thousands of premier customers such as American Idol, Qantas Airways, MGM Grand, Palms Casino, Carl’s Jr., Squaw Valley Ski Resort and, mobileStorm is at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution. The company provides a turnkey, hosted email and digital messaging platform backed by world-class support and expert digital marketing services. mobileStorm has created the most complete digital marketing solution available, enabling clients to reach their customers via email marketing, SMS messaging, voice messaging, RSS marketing, video broadcast, or fax broadcast from a single provider.


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