mobileStorm’s Fourth Quarter Brings Strong Revenues, Ushers In 2009 Focus

Los Angeles, CA – January 26,2009 mobileStorm, the premiere email and mobile marketing and solutions company, announced that company revenues grew by 63% during 2008. Fourth quarter showed strong performance with the addition of over 200 new clients.

mobileStorm has been focused on the digital marketing space since its inception in 1999, and is a known veteran in text-messaging, or SMS, and email marketing solutions for businesses both small and large.  Growth in both retail and event marketing clients were a highlight of fourth-quarter wins.

” I’m excited to be running a company that provides digital marketing services. It is a really good market to be in during these challenging economic times. We have a great outlook on 2009, as we can help clients who are stressed right now to generate sales, stay healthy, and even grow,” said Jared Reitzin, CEO and founder of mobileStorm.  ”It’s always important to spend marketing dollars wisely and never more than today. We’ve built on our experience developing programs using email and SMS to generate and track real sales.”

The company introduced several important upgrades in 2008, designed to focus on ROI, including digital and mobile coupons, RSS, RSS to email and text-to-screen.  Text-to-screen is an engaging technology that supports the administration of polls and quizzes at events.

mobileStorm views 2009 as a year in which high ROI from email and SMS programs will be a centerpiece for clients in industries such as retail, entertainment, and hospitality.  Accordingly, the company plans to release numerous special packages tailored to these industry’s digital marketing needs.
mobileStorm also has a continuing series of online webinars, launched during the fourth quarter, which feature ”how-tos”   and preset marketing solutions for industry professionals.  The company also hosts an weekly open orientation, ”Exploring mobileStorm 4.0.”   Please contact or call 866-492-7886 x1 to register for this event.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, give us a call 866-492-7886.

About mobileStorm

For a decade mobileStorm has pioneered the concept of digital marketing. Having successfully delivered more than two billion messages on behalf of thousands of premier customers such as American Idol, Qantas Airways, K2 Sports, Palms Casino, Carl’s Jr., and Squaw Valley Ski Resort, mobileStorm is at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution. The company provides a turnkey, hosted email and mobile messaging platform backed by world-class support and expert digital marketing services. mobileStorm has created the most complete digital marketing solution available, enabling you to reach your customers via email marketing, SMS/text messaging, voice messaging, video broadcast, RSS marketing, or fax broadcast from a single provider.

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