MobileStorm receives funding from eonBusiness
By Lauren Bell, October 31st, 2007

MobileStorm has received its first round of funding from venture capital firm eonBusiness.

EonBusiness, the sole investor in mobileStorm\’s Series A, is known for backing early-stage, Web-based businesses. The firm\’s deal with mobileStorm reserves its right to invest more money later on. The capital currently invested by eonBusiness is earmarked for growth, research and design, as well as marketing and sales initiatives.

\”We\’re amping up our direct sales force,\” said Jared Reitzin, CEO of mobileStorm. \”We\’re opening up an office in San Francisco under our new EVP of sales and marketing, Ric Hattabuagh. We traditionally spent more on PR than marketing, but that\’s slowly changing. We\’ll have more on pay-per-click and Web advertising and also more traditional channels like trade shows and eventually newspapers and radio.\”

The mobileStorm system allows clients to reach an entire database or a selected segment through multiple platforms, including e-mail, SMS, voice, fax and RSS. It has delivered more than 1 billion messages since its launch in 1999. The digital marketing company provides turnkey, hosted e-mail and digital messaging services.

EonBusiness said it chose to invest in mobileStorm because its applications make it easier to reach increasingly mobile consumers through a variety of media. Dave Carlson, CEO of eonBusiness said, in a statement, that the company \”provide[s] a great solution to a growing marketing problem –  how to break through the noise and consistently reach a company\’s critical client base as they go about their daily lives-in-the-fast lane.\”

Reitzin added that eonBusiness is a sensible choice for mobileStorm because the firm has a lot of experience in the mobile marketing space. The two companies also already share some business partners.

MobileStorm has launched more than half a million marketing campaigns since its founding. Clients include Qantas Airways, MGM Grand and Palms Casino.

EonBusiness, founded in 1997, is located in Centennial, CO. Its current portfolio includes, and, among others.