June 29, 2009 — Today mobileStorm Inc. published a comprehensive guide for the mobile marketer entitled, “The Ultimate Guide to Common Short Codes.” Written by mobile evangelist and mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin, the guide focuses on acquiring and using short codes to market products and services.

Short codes used with keyword combinations are front-and-center marketing technology. Texting the word “VOTE” to a short code helped your favorite American Idol stay on the show, for instance. And, widely considered to be the biggest mobile marketing event in history, President Obama used short code 62262 to announce his VP candidate Joe Biden.

Short codes are now tied to every kind of online and offline advertising and promotion. Today, in television, radio, billboards and print media, short codes are an important touch point for attracting and enticing new and repeat customers.

This engaging paper gives a complete description of the structure of the short code industry and answers key questions about what to expect when obtaining a short code for commercial purposes.
Other topics addressed in “The Ultimate Guide to Common Short Codes” include:

–  The right strategy to use when choosing your short code
–  How to acquire a short code and what to expect in the application and provisioning process
–  Provisioning process terms and definitions — what it all means to you

“The mobile industry comes with a lot of challenges and nothing is truly easy. We want to take some of the guesswork out of using a short code for mobile marketing,” said mobileStorm CEO and founder Jared Reitzin. “I started out to create a guide that my sales team could use to help clients understand the pros and cons of using a dedicated code. I realized that this is invaluable information, and the final document is a guide for the public that is simple, easy to read, and full of what you need to know in order to effectively acquire and use a short code.”

For the last few years, Mr. Reitzin has been publicly speaking out about improving the short code provisioning process. In a recent article on MobileMarketingWatch.com, he suggested specific improvements in four key areas: standardization of terms, decreased costs, reduction in launch times, and creation of testing tools to ensure marketers are MMA and carrier compliant.
If you’re a professional mobile marketer or considering a strategy in the near future, this is a must-have read. Save time and money by downloading your free copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Common Short Codes.” DOWN HERE.

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