Friday, August 8th, 2003

LOS ANGELES, CA – mobileStorm Inc., a provider of email and wireless marketing services, announced today that it has posted a profit, and recorded an 86% growth rate for its fiscal year ending July 31st 2003. Founded in October 1999 and headquartered in Southern California, mobileStorm provides advertisers, direct marketers, subscription based newsletters and highly visible brands, with a complete online marketing software package.

“We are very pleased with the results.” stated Jared Reitzin, mobileStorm’s founder and CEO. “Other companies in our space are experiencing similar spikes. We are in a great market, and the timing is perfect. This coming year we expect to double or triple our current growth rate. We are only one week into August, and we have almost hit our sales goals for the month.”

mobileStorm’s platform Stun!™, provides businesses with the tools necessary to effectively communicate with their audiences, fans, consumers, and employees, by way of emails and wireless text messages. Businesses can deliver advertisements, promotions, alerts, information, and surveys, while gathering important statistics and reports on the effectiveness of their marketing. Through Stun!™, companies have access to a complete email and wireless marketing solution.

mobileStorm has been able to achieve this success by providing a winning service through new technology developments, as well through key sales and technology partnerships recently announced.