mobileStorm now provides solid route-to-market for PRO customers wanting quick entry into the exploding mobile apps space.

Los Angeles, June 8th 2010 – mobileStorm (, recently celebrating 10 years of mobile and email marketing services and technology pioneering, today at the MMA conference announced the launch of its new mobile application offering for PRO customers seeking quick entrance to the burgeoning mobile applications space.  The new offering is aimed squarely at those eager to be on the cutting edge of mobile content distribution, and who are looking for an innovative branding approach using a unique medium consumers have been incredibly responsive to.

Branded mobile apps are quickly becoming the go-to source to reach consumers on a brand new level, while complementing existing SMS and other marketing strategies with the latest and greatest in mobile technology.  It\’s estimated that the number of smartphone users will quadruple to over 160 million over the next few years, with some 7 billion apps being downloaded in the US alone during the same time period.  With mobileStorm\’s mobile applications offering forward-thinking marketers will now have the chance to position themselves to capitalize on this \”Mobile App gold rush.\”

mobileStorm provides PRO clients the opportunity to deploy a mobile application in days, that includes features such as;

      • Full compatibility with iPhone and iPod Touch, including full inclusion to Apple\’s App Store .
      • The ability to easily add news content, calendar events, various Web content, and blog posts.
      • The ability to automatically add content from existing feeds including RSS, Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Flikr, and more directly into your mobile app.
      • The ability to edit artwork and change your app at anytime.
      • The option to search for additional content that may not be specific to your own brand and co-publish it in your app.
      • The ability to easily customize the look and feel of your app.

          “Mobile apps are exploding in popularity right now.  Soon everyone will have a smartphone and will be interacting with their favorite brands thru mobile apps,\” said Jared Reitzin, Founder & CEO of mobileStorm.  \”The iPhone blew the doors wide open and now Android is poised to become even bigger.  Our job at mobileStorm is to make sure right before a technology reaches complete adoption, to support it, and help our clients understand how to best use it to drive revenue.  You will notice our offering is very basic.  We are not a development shop and did not want to get into high end customizations.  Our offering is for any Pro customer who wants to quickly get into the mobile apps space.”

          With mobileStorm\’s streamlined process, a mobile application can be developed and delivered in a matter of days, not weeks or months.  In addition, mobileStorm will offer dedicated staff for handholding throughout the entire process, including full testing and submission to Apple\’s App Store and updates on the approval process.

          About mobileStorm, Inc.

          Based in Los Angeles, with more than a decade of email and mobile messaging experience, mobileStorm has successfully delivered more than three billion messages on behalf of thousands of premier customers such as, NASCAR, American Idol, and Kaiser Permanente.  mobileStorm is at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, providing a turnkey SaaS email and mobile messaging platform.  mobileStorm has created the most complete solution available while providing expert advice, legendary customer service, and marketing technology that drives ROI and revenue lift for mobileStorm\’s customers.

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