January 4, 2008 — Clients will be able to use mobileStorm\’s Stun! targeted messaging platform with greater ease than ever, thanks to the new Developer Zone that puts all of mobileStorm\’s application program interfaces, or APIs, in one convenient place.

The APIs let clients use their own applications and infrastructure to pass information to and from Stun!, making it easy to integrate usage of the platform with usage of their other programs.

The newest API, called the Messaging API, enables companies to integrate their own Stun! messaging component into their existing applications. This means that, for example, a CRM application could use the API to trigger broadcast messages to a database, without using the Stun! interface itself.

Housing all APIs in one place, the Developer Zone, will make it easier than ever for clients to find what they want and implement it quickly. In addition, mobileStorm plans future APIs that will allow further integration possibilities.

For more details, please visit /developer/.