mobileStorm\’s successful client wins prove digital marketers demand Email and SMS expertise to boost performance.

Los Angeles, March 22nd 2010 – mobileStorm (, recently celebrating 10 years of mobile and email marketing services and technology pioneering, today announced some recent client acquisitions.  mobileStorm\’s mission to simplify email and SMS marketing for both new and experienced digital marketers is proving a model that is predicated on an offering of half human, half machine service to help businesses make better decisions in reaching and growing their audiences.

More recently, with the launch of mobileStorm Pro, mobileStorm has helped larger organizations reach goals associated with their corporate marketing strategies in the area of email deliverability, reputation, authentication, brand assurance, and database management. All these have typically been pain points for larger organizations that find their online marketing campaigns and structured messaging have, over time, taken on a life of their own.

mobileStorm\’s approach to methodically curing these pain points and boosting performance in every area has largely been responsible   for some of its more recent client wins, which include:

Kaiser Permanente – The largest HMO in North America

NASCAR – One of the most viewed professional sports in the U.S.

Nederlander Producing Company Largest owner and operator of Broadway theatres in America

New Balance – One of the leading brands in athletic footwear since the 1900s

Chicken Soup for the Soul – A world leader in life improvement

Humana – Marketers and administrators of health insurance with over 11.5 million customers

The Lampo Group (Dave Ramsey) – Popular host of a nationally syndicated radio program discussing personal finance topics

Hooters Hotel & Casino – Hotel and casino nationally recognized by its successful entertainment and food service brand

With so much at stake for these organizations and others like them, all of whom are navigating their way out of rough economic waters, little is left to chance when making cost-effective digital marketing decisions.

\”The economy\’s downswing has been a good thing for digital,\” said Jared Reitzin, CEO and Founder of mobileStorm.    \”There is an intense focus to shift budgets around into communication channels that are cost-effective and provide real-time analytics on performance. We are working on some very exciting projects with a number of America’s top brands. In 2010, mobile will grow exceedingly strong as will social media. Email spending, while still a major form of communication, will see decent growth. We believe in the areas of delivery services to help more messages reach the inbox. \”

With more than three billion messages sent, combined with a decade of email and SMS service experience for businesses ranging from casinos to reality television to healthcare giants, mobileStorm identified a dominant need: customers reap a huge benefit from personalized advice and assistance in marketing their brands, products, and services.  Success in digital marketing is only partly vested in the technology and tools, and mobileStorm has cracked the code to providing personalized and meaningful help for their clients.

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Based in Los Angeles, with more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, mobileStorm has successfully delivered more than three billion messages on behalf of thousands of premier customers such as, Cesar Millan, American Idol, and Qantas Airways. mobileStorm is at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution. As a turnkey, hosted email and digital messaging platform backed by world-class support and expert digital marketing services, mobileStorm has created the most complete digital marketing solution available while providing expert advice, personalized service, and marketing technology that drives ROI and revenue lift for mobileStorm\’s customers.

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