Company Announces Launch of Stun! 3.5 with New SMS Application as well as New Service Offerings

LOS ANGELES, CA January 24, 2007 – mobileStorm Inc., a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, today announced a new upgrade to its Stun! platform as well as several new services for its client base. The new upgrade, Stun! 3.5, includes a significant overhaul of the system’s text messaging application as well as other modifications to further enhance the system’s unique ability to send multiple type of messages within a single interface.

Stun! 3.5 Overview

Stun! 3.5 includes the following key new features:

New SMS Application

Stun! 3.5 contains a brand new text messaging (SMS) application that gives clients a much greater level of control and breadth of capabilities with their mobile marketing by:

* Using a dedicated or shared short code to generate subscriptions without having to pay a high monthly fee to own/maintain it.
* Enabling people to sign up to mobile clubs directly from their cell phone as well as via Web forms.
* No longer requiring subscribers to give their carriers as this is automatically determined by the new Stun! SMS service.
* Experiencing improved delivery and much more detailed reports about campaigns.
* Engaging in a 2-way interaction with subscribers, such as asking them questions or prompting a call to action within the message.

Enhanced User Interface

Stun! 3.5 includes a new look-and-feel to the basic sections of the application as well as the ability to make Stun! the default home page on a Web browser for more direct access to the system. It also features an expanded search functionality to find users based upon specific message types as well as retrieving all users for a particular list or lists.

New Display and Delivery Options

Stun! 3.5 also contains a new feature within the email application which creates a landing page for all HTML-based campaigns via a URL at the top of each message. This is particularly helpful given the influx of email clients that automatically block images or strip HTML tags, ensuring that there’s an alternative method for display in such cases. In addition, Stun! 3.5 offers a more streamlined dedicated IP procuring process, enabling clients to quickly switch to their own, whitelisted IP for optimal email delivery.

New Digital Marketing and Deliverability Consulting Services

In addition to the upgrade noted above for Stun!, mobileStorm has also increased its professional services group to now include digital marketing and delivery consulting. Capitalizing on its over 8 years experience as a digital marketing company, mobileStorm is now sharing its insights into this constantly changing industry to its clients through a variety of offerings, from database collection/growth strategies to utilizing the concept of cross-message campaigning.

mobileStorm has also enhanced its delivery services to include new personal client consultation to better analyze specific issues and provide a comprehensive game plan to resolve them. This can range from an in-depth analysis of current mailing practices to specific ISP resolution or blacklist removal requests.

“Our new upgrades to Stun! and our expanded professional services will help further separate mobileStorm from our competitors ,” said Jared Reitzin, chief executive officer of mobileStorm. “We now have a highly robust solution for 5 different message types as well as a full range of services that give our clients an unprecedented amount of flexibility with their digital marketing efforts.”

All of the above products and services can be found at, which is the new central hub for all information about mobileStorm and its solutions/services.

About mobileStorm

mobileStorm Inc.™, based in Southern California , provides enterprise-class digital messaging and marketing solutions for clients in a variety of sectors. The company allows clients to think outside of the inbox by offering a wide range of product and services to address almost every digital messaging need. mobileStorm delivers millions of messages a month and has amassed a roster of highly visible clients such as Qantas Airways, MGM Grand, Palms Casinos, Carl’s Jr., Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Crobar Nightclubs.

Media Contact:

Steve Chipman
COO, mobileStorm