LOS ANGELES, CA, October 25, 2004 – mobileStorm Inc., a Digital-Messaging service provider, and ILoop Mobile Inc., a leader in US premium text messaging applications announce an SMS/Web/email promotion they are powering for Hollywood Record’s recent September 28 th release of Hilary Duff’s self-titled CD.

Subscribers to Hillary Duff’s email community and visitors to her web site are invited to play in the SMS promotion, which is supported across the leading United States mobile operators (Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, and Cingular Wireless). Players text message DUFF to 63459, and in return receive a text message containing a multiple choice question about Hillary Duff. They then answer the questions by replying DUFF A, DUFF B, or DUFF C. If they answer correctly they win a prize. There are multiple questions, so players are encouraged to play as much as they’d like.

“Popular music is one of the primary drivers for mobile messaging in the United States ; iLoop Mobile ‘s pleased to work with mobileStorm and to add the mobile dimension to Hollywood Records’ Hilary Duff web and email promotional campaigns,” says Michael Becker President, ILoop Mobile.

Text messaging is just now gaining momentum in the United States according to Becker, who also serves on the board of the Mobile Marketing Association. Worldwide roughly 580 billion text messages will be sent in 2004 versus 30 billion in the United States . But the United States is quickly catching up especially in marketing campaigns for the music and entertainment sector” Becker says.

Hollywood Records executive Ken Bunt, Vice President New Media, Strategy and Development explains that they delved into this new mobile marketing promotion because “We are always looking for new ways to reach out to our artist’s fans. The Iloop Mobile Inc. and mobileStorm partnership allows us to quickly turn around new and exciting applications to help us market directly to the consumer.”

Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of teens and young adults send text messages on a regular basis says Jared Reitzin, CEO mobileStorm Inc. “Hilary Duff is not only one of the hottest celebrities but her fans are the demographic that is constantly texting each other and looking for cool applications and games they can access on their mobile devices,” Reitzin says that by teaming up with iLoop Mobile, Hollywood Records, millions of fans get to try a unique way to get more involved with their favorite artist.

To find out more about how SMS (short message service) promotions are created and how they will work for your firm, contact michael.becker@iloopmobile.com

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Founded in October 1999 and headquartered in Los Angeles California , mobileStorm provides digital messaging solutions to advertisers, direct marketers, and subscription-based newsletters. Stun! Provides these businesses with a complete online Email , SMS , Voice and Fax Messaging platform. Find out more about mobileStorm at www.mobilestorm.com

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ILoop Mobile Inc. is a global mobile marketing application service provider (ASP). Seeking to establish an intimate one-to-one relationship with their target audience, ILoop Mobile clients-brands, marketing agencies, content owners, application providers, and mobile aggregators-use and license ILoop Mobile offerings to add a mobile dimension to traditional marketing programs. With ILoop Mobile’s template driven applications, new services including quiz, lottery, sweepstakes, polls, voting, gaming, social networking, and content subscription services can be set up in a matter of minutes. Such marketing campaigns are a perfect fit for live events, print advertising (newspapers, magazines, billboard, magazine), Internet ads, and TV and radio broadcasts. ILoop Mobile is headquartered in San Francisco and sits on the board of the Mobile Marketing Association. Find out more about ILoop Mobile’s private label programs at www.ishopmobile.com and its applications and services at www.ishopmobile.com

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