Company Leverages Proven Email Delivery Infrastructure to Provide an Enterprise Messaging Platform in a Hosted Environment

LOS ANGELES, CA February 1 st , 2007 – mobileStorm Inc., a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, today announced a new email messaging solution called Bolt that is designed specifically for the needs of larger enterprises. Bolt joins the company’s existing application, Stun!, to give clients a broad range of options to meet any of their digital marketing requirements. A new strategic agreement with StrongMail Systems enables mobileStorm to offer StrongMail’s proven email delivery infrastructure and management software as the foundation for the new Bolt enterprise messaging solution.

mobileStorm’s Bolt is a complete, fully-integrated, on-demand email marketing system for enterprises who want better control, delivery, and bottom line results. Bolt provides enterprises with the power to deliver email to thousands and even millions of subscribers within a very short period of time.

Bolt provides a complete set of application and data integration tools, dynamic message assembly, high performance delivery, tracking and reporting capabilities. It can be fully managed by mobileStorm or accessed in a hosted environment for organizations that don’t have the IT resources or expertise to manage an in-house solution.

Key features include:

– A Dynamic Message Assembly engine for high performance personalized message creation to compile highly targeted messages and serve up specific content determined by their preferences, such as real estate listings in their zip code or products that fit their interests.

– Web Services to enable seamless messaging integration for business applications, from Web analytics to CRM solutions.

– Robust email delivery infrastructure that is capable of delivering over 1 million messages per hour per server, ensuring that high-volume email campaigns are delivered quickly and efficiently.

– Mailbox Monitoring for in-depth analysis of campaign open and viewing rates.

Bolt gives companies total access and insight into the email campaign creation, management and deployment processes.

Campaign Management

* Control the email marketing process across different organizations and groups with flexible role management.

* Tailor each message with dynamically selected content and personalization options, leveraging 1:1 communications with customers.

* Send targeted messages based on demographic, purchase and even behavioral data.

Content Creation

* Personalize “From” names, subject lines and content based on list, demographic or other data.

* Easy-to-use functions, including paste from Word and auto-click tags. No knowledge of HTML needed.

* Quickly and easily import templates into the system from any third-party HTML editing application.

Advanced Data Segmentation and Targeting

* Define segments on specific criteria, including demographic or behavioral attributes, for relevant email campaigns.

* Point-and-click segment builder to easily and quickly create queries with a series of nested rules for powerful targeting.

* Run counts and preview segments for quick verification of target recipients.

Workflow Collaboration and Security

* Role-based permissions ensure that the application can be used collaboratively across multiple organizations, divisions and business units.

* Require approvals from appropriate specialists at key points during message creation and execution for quality control purposes.

* Create user-defined roles with access permissions appropriate to their responsibilities.

Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

* Complete set of standard reports highlight campaign results and identify key drivers of ongoing market success.

* Track performance in real-time throughout the campaign lifecycle.

* Personalized tracking links provide the ability to perform in-depth reporting at the individual recipient level.

On-Demand Data Integration and Control

* Simple-to-use import capability provides immediate access to customer data for segmentation, personalization and sending messages.

* Utilize existing data assets by quickly connecting to common databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

* Smart bounce management to eliminate bad addresses, process unsubscribes and report on undelivered messages.

“As mobileStorm has grown as an organization so too have the needs and requirements of our clients,” said Jared Reitzin , chief executive officer of mobileStorm. “With Bolt, we now have solutions for any size organization that can meet just about any of their email marketing requirements. We have a long standing relationship with StrongMail Systems and are extremely excited to be partnering with them to enable this critical evolution of mobileStorm.”

“StrongMail is pleased to provide mobileStorm’s customers with our proven platform for optimized email delivery and management,” said Jerrel Fielder, vice president of business development at StrongMail Systems. “With Bolt, organizations that need to outsource their email delivery can take advantage of StrongMail’s technology in a full-service, hosted environment.”

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