Ideas for Getting LinksAs we all know, links play a vital role in SEO: Links are important for both ranking and traffic. Getting links requires a lot of work; however some people don\’t even know where to start and how to get those desired links. So today I\’ve continued to write about where you can obtain links from and how to do so:

  • One-way link purchases: Google hates this, so I\’d suggest you do it carefully and first make sure a particular link can help your ranking. Then without using link brokers, send an email request directly to the site(s) from which you want to get links. Remember, you can offer them money for placing the link (and in many cases people do it for free just because they are so great). The site that sells textual links (those that matter most for SEO) might get into trouble. In order to ensure \”safety\” for both you and the site from which you are acquiring the links: Make sure the textual link is in a meaningful section of the text, and is totally related to it; or else make the link part of a flash banner or in an image with an ALT tag. If you can, ask for a new article – ideally, with a short paragraph on the main page linking to the article – with a few optimized links to different sites, including yours.
  • Reciprocal link exchanges: Have a links page (call it \”interesting resources\” or whatever, but try not to use the word \”links\” in its title) and add the sites you think are really good resources and are related to your field. Then write to those sites and see if they would return the favor. This page can also be used for directory links, because many good – and especially niche – directories will require a link-back to them as well.

  • Meaningful comments to related blogs: Every morning, place 5 to 10 comments on the most popular and newest articles from the greatest blogs of your field, and see the ranking of your site going up. Make sure when you comment you call yourself with your major keyword, but don\’t make it look “spammy,” otherwise even a meaningful comment might be deleted. A good alternative: Whenever it makes sense and doesn\’t sound like advertising, include the optimized (keyword-rich) link right inside your comment.

  • Forums participation: Help other forum members with links to what they are looking for, if they were looking for something you have to offer. Or alternatively, simply participate in the threads where you might be an expert and have the links to your site in your post signature. Change this forum signature link anchor text every month or so. This is a totally legit and popular practice.

  • “Link to us” page: This, or a quick form on your site, might be very helpful if someone wants to link to you, but doesn\’t know any HTML and would rather prefer to just copy-paste the code snippet you provide them with. It can be a code for placing a cool flash, image, or even video banner or a text link on their site or a blog. Try to give them a variety of choices.
  • More ideas are coming with my next posts. Stay tuned!

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    Director, Online Marketing
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