SEO-Friendly CopywritingSome copywriters face difficulties because of one important requirement: Making their copywriting SEO-friendly. They want to write the \”natural\” way, without even thinking about search engines and optimizing for the last ones. But the truth is: Natural writing results in SEO-friendly content.

Why? Because keywords are the thoughts, the ideas you are writing about. If your writing is good and you know the subject, you will use the keywords anyway. And if you use them, search engines will find your stuff.

But of course you still can and should optimize your copy if you want higher rankings –  and thus more readers. I\’ll explain how. In return, I only ask one thing: Don\’t oppose SEO, it is not your enemy, it\’s your friend. You can write for people, be user-friendly, and still attract web spiders. And most importantly, you have a good reason to polish your text for search engines: You want your target audience find what you have written for them, don\’t you?

There is nothing wrong about repeating the major keywords in the copy. Just don\’t do it excessively. Search engines will even punish keyword-stuffed copy. Keywords aren’t something evil that just attracts search engines and distracts humans; keywords are your actual thoughts, the main ones. Don\’t be afraid to use them.

How do you make your copywriting SEO-friendly?

    – First, write naturally, as it \”flows.\”
    – Then, re-read it and re-write it. Nothing good is ever written: it is re-written!
    – Now look at your work: How the keywords are placed there? Should you rearrange stuff a bit?
    – In the title, try to have the keyword (the main thought you have for your article), even if you want to make the title original.
    – Use the major keyword once in the beginning, once in the middle, and once in the end. Or close. That\’s enough.
    – Add a listing like this one. Bulleting some stuff makes it easier to read and is very good for SEO copywriting. Have a keyword in this listing too.

You can also add some tags to your copy, which again is a natural thing to do. Wouldn\’t you want to outline some important stuff or to point on your major ideas?

More Simple SEO Copywriting Tips:

Generally, you can use the keywords up to 5 times per every 100 words in your text.

Make bolds, italics, or otherwise highlight your main thoughts.

Add some external links to the most relevant or additional resources into your copy.

The average blog entry or page of copy ranges from 500 to 3000 words. Don\’t count, just write. Only when you are done should you check the word count. It\’s OK if the number of words is slightly fewer or greater.

I can guarantee you one thing: If you don’t use the keywords in your article it won’t be found through search engines. And search engines are the major traffic source today for any website. Always remember: no matter how good your writing is, if no one can find it, no one will read it.

Great results are always coming from great tasks. Great tasks are those, which have tough contradictions. Solving the contradiction gets you great results. Always write for humans, master your writing skills, and then make your copy SEO friendly. It is possible and it will bring great results.

P.S.: This particular article is a good example on SEO-Friendly Copywriting.

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
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