Newsletter ContentIn this article we will talk about your newsletter’s content posted online.

It’s a good idea to always have the online version of every newsletter message you send. This will increase the search engine ranking for your keywords, bring more targeted traffic to your site, and thus give more subscribers to your newsletter. It also opens more opportunities for the layout and design of your newsletter content. You even can add videos and music to it.

The best form for the newsletter content online is a blog. Blogging is not just “cool”; it is the most convenient form of web content today. It allows each idea/article to be separated, categorized, tagged, and commented. Blogging is also very easy to use, even for a novice web-publisher.

When you have a separate page for every message, it enables you to have a better keyword density (read: better ranking for particular keywords) and a better internal structure of your online newsletter.

I strongly suggest having a database building tool inserted onto each page you have on your newsletter site. Building your database is the most important part of your newsletter marketing. It’s your major target. You want to have a reliable and a powerful solution for that.

No matter what your newsletter is about or how many subscribers you have, mobileStorm can help you build your database faster and safer. We have 2 amazing products for that: “Go” – for small businesses, and “Pro” – for enterprise clients.

You can even try it free to make sure you know exactly what you are buying before you buy it: Start building your database right now, it’s free.

Having your newsletter content online will help you generate more visitors to your site, and you need a good database building tool not to miss a single visitor and convert every one of them to your subscribers.

Until next time…

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
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