Link BaitingI talked about link baiting ideas before and now I want to continue exploring this important topic. So, how else can you make links appear without too much hassle? Here are some more ideas to generate more links:

Interview big-time players in your field, real people with blogs. They\’d love to link to your interview if it\’s done well, and thus you will get quite some strong linkbacks.

Review products and services related to your niche. This method works as effectively as the one above.

If you sell products or services of your own, launch an affiliate program. Most of the links from your affiliates will not have any SEO value themselves – they\’ll have unique affiliate IDs in the URLs or will use other identifications – but the added exposure will almost always lead to some regular links.

Run contests, especially SEO contests. That\’s probably the cheapest and most effective way to automatically gain lots of links. Just make sure that people really want to take part in this competition, and that you follow common practices and make the contest rules straightforward.

Tag good sites that are related to yours on social bookmarking sites like or Spice up your tag with an original and interesting comment. You will not only gain a reputation for tagging and bookmarking good stuff, but you might also get some trackbacks from the users of these sites.

Ask friends to tag your own articles if they are really well-written – then you will get lots of people, especially bloggers, viewing your site and potentially linking to it. Ask different friends and contacts to use different sites for your various articles – it\’s not a good idea to have all the same people tagging the same stuff for the same sites.

Join the Better Business Bureau and other \”reputation validity\” sites. Their linkbacks are automated and might be even pretty strong in terms of pagerank and \”heaviness.\”

Check your site for safety at online safety and virus checkers, and you might get some good links from those places. Make sure your site is indeed safe – for example, run a search at

Check your site\’s other parameters at these sites:
Plus do it on other similar resources, and recorded sessions from these will generate more links for you.

Participate in public discussions and in online groups with published bulletins – have your optimized links in some of your messages and enjoy the effect.

List your site at the local library\’s website. Libraries are very friendly in many cases and if your resource is good they\’ll accept; and their link \”vote\” is impressive.

Create folders on your site and add mirrors of some big sites who are looking for additional external mirrors, and who will then linkback to you.

Optimize your images and submit them to image search engines. Do the same thing for photos, videos, and even the new search-engine friendly flash pieces.

If you are a business, get a link from your local chamber of commerce.

Submit your website to relevant city and state government resources and directories. This trick might get you really strong linkbacks. True, sometimes this is near-impossible to achieve. Still, it\’s worth trying.

Add your addresses to interactive maps like Google Maps and others.

Create original news about yourself or your industry, and submit it to niche publications as well as to major ones when possible.

OK, I believe you\’ve got quite some work to do for now. Happy link-baiting!

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
mobileStorm, Inc.
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