Ideas For Getting LinksThis is the final chapter on ideas for getting easy links. Let\’s get into it right now! Here is what you can do to get more links:

Leave creative signatures with your inner links in the forums where you are active, if they are appropriate for showing up on your site, and also add the links to your personal profile page on the forums. If you make quality contributions to the forums, some of their users might follow these links and even \”convert\” for you.

Ask and answer questions on sites like Yahoo! Answers or Google Groups, and give some links to your site as a reference or otherwise. Get creative.

Encourage people to syndicate your RSS content; that might result in some additional \”link love\” for your webpages.

Aren\’t you an expert in something? Create a topical Squidoo page, show your expertise, and link to the pages with expert documents or useful tools on your website.

Do some \”microblogging\” with Twitter and share your links with your friends and contacts. Some might get into the public.

Comment frequently on other related blogs. Add your links inside your comments or instead of your name. If you do it every day on many different blogs in your field, you will not only establish yourself as their devoted reader, but will also see a good ranking increase for the links you leave there within a month or two. Just make sure your comments really add value to their posts, otherwise you will only harm yourself and waste time.

Post announcements at Craigslist – add your optimized links there.

Write about products and services on shopping search engines like ePinions. This will help you build your authority in particular subjects and thus will result in some external links for your website.

Leave testimonials for the products you buy and use and for the services you like. Testimonials are easily placed on the providers\’ sites. The testimonials pages are usually highly ranked, and they always add a link to the site of that person who was kind enough to leave a testimonial. These aren\’t your best optimized links, but they are still good link opportunities you don\’t want to miss.

This is obvious, and thus often ignored: Create a blogroll and exchange links with other bloggers there. It\’s a legit practice that Google isn\’t opposed to.

Keep using all the ideas I\’ve given, and enjoy the results!

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
mobileStorm, Inc.
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