Directory SubmissionsThere are continual discussions on the web about whether directory submissions are useful for SEO. I\’ll add my thoughts to the mix: I think directory submission is a good strategy that should be a part of any SEO campaign. If it\’s done right, it will get you rewarded with higher ranking and better traffic. Now let me explain why:

First of all, every good link counts. Directories\’ links to your site are good because your link is placed under its own category among other links; the links you get from directories are related to your website. Of course, you shouldn\’t submit to some FFA (Free-For-All) \”linkfarm\” directories – having your link there might even harm your site. Only submit to authoritative and reputable directories, like Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ,,,, etc.

All these directories, except DMOZ, are not free, but in my personal opinion paid directories give many more benefits than free ones. The have less links in their databases, that\’s more value for you; the sites they contain are in most cases good-quality sites, making these directories \”good neighborhoods\”; and they do care about their reputation, so you are in good hands.

Secondly, directory submissions are probably the simplest and the fastest ways to get links. The process is totally automated, so you don\’t ask anyone for a favor nor do you need to think of any link baiting techniques. It\’s pretty straightforward and you get what you want almost right away.

A very good idea is to submit to niche directories. It will not only help with SEO but will also grant you high-quality traffic. For example, if you are a creator of some WYSIWYG editor software, you should submit your listing at, a wysiwyg editor directory that owns the space; you might want to even advertise there. The sites listed in this directory are all from the same field. Some are getting more traffic from this site alone than from search engines or other sources. Research your niche and see who is an authority directory therein – then be confident about submitting your website to this directory.

Today, almost every site has its own blog, or the entire site is a blog. So there are many credible blog directories out there where you can get your blog listed:,,, etc. If you are into internet marketing, you might want to submit your blog to:

I usually suggest doing manual directory submissions instead of using dedicated software. This is a true case in which quality is more important than quantity. On the other hand, the more directories to which you submit your site, the better. Just make sure each directory is a good directory. You don\’t want to spoil your hard work by submitting to some risky ones.

In conclusion: By submitting to directories your increase your web-presence and your online visibility.

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