Why Mobile Marketing to Millennials is So ImportantIf Millennials aren’t high on your list of priority targets for your mobile marketing efforts, it may be time to revamp your priorities.

According to freshly published research from Chase, Millennials are exceedingly prone to act fast on a deal or offer presented on their mobile device or computer.

Impulse buys, as they are commonly known, have reached epidemic levels among Millennials, indicating that if relevant and timely offers engage their interest, the chance for converting that timely interest into a sale is favorable.

Last year, a similar study by Gallup indicated that Millennials are more inclined that Gen Xers or baby boomers to make impulse purchases.

A report summary from eMarketer shows that “42% of US Millennials had made an impulse purchase in the past four weeks. However, Generation Xers and baby boomers followed more closely behind: 40% of respondents in Gen X and 39% baby boomers reported making impulse purchases, too.”

The bottom line? Millennials are highly receptive and responsive to mobile marketing when the messages are pertinent and personal.