It’s no secret that platform proliferation is rampant across the digital landscape, introducing valuable new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve, sustain, and even accelerate dramatic growth.

But learning to market to the multi-platform majority is critical to this venture. And it’s the focus of a new report from comScore.

The venerable name is digital measurement and analytics is out with a white paper that provides companies with context for understanding the new dynamics of today’s multi-platform digital marketplace.

According to a report, in April 2013, for the first time, more than half of digital consumers in the U.S. accessed the Internet using both desktop and mobile devices.

Nowhere has the impact of this reality been more apparent than in the realm of online and mobile shopping.

mCommerce in the U.S. is growing at a rate of 30 percent year-over-year and is beginning to alter the retail landscape. Nearly $10 billion in m-commerce spending is expected in Q4 2013.

As a result, says comScore, catering to mobile visitors is a must. “Among the top 100 digital properties,” the report summary reads, “nearly one out of three monthly visitors (31 percent) only accesses that brand’s content via smartphone or tablet.”

Correspondingly, total digital media consumption is exploding. In the past three years, U.S. consumers’ total time spent on digital media has nearly doubled, led by huge gains in activity on smartphones and tablets (while desktop computer usage has seen only modest gains).

More time spent with digital media presents “a variety of new opportunities for media companies to monetize their content” and for marketers to reach their target audiences more efficiently and effectively, comScore concluded.

To download the free whitepaper, click here.