The Value Of Text-To-Screen Consumer Data-CollectionText-to-screen campaigns are an aspect of mobile marketing that seems to get overlooked all to often.  Beyond the basic uses in sports stadiums, concerts and other large public venues, text-to-screen provides a method to interact with your audience on a very unique level.

Text-to-screen is a concept that enables a brand to engage their audience and compel them to participate in a variety of ways, while still allowing them to see results in real-time as well.  By enlisting a simple short code, keywords and a large screen, brands can leverage the group-aspect of any crowd to both interact and collect valuable consumer-data along the way.

When you utilize a text-to-screen campaign, it usually involves designating a short code and select keywords to allow users to text in various content to then be viewed in real-time on the screen.  The underlying benefit of using this method is that anytime someone texts in, that user’s information is then stored in your central database- subsequently increasing your message subscriber base very quickly.

In addition, various opt-in opportunities can be included in all responses to your users to build other opt-in databases that you can then market to in the future.  This is a very valuable resource for any mobile marketer- opted-in mobile users represent the best possible audience to advertise to.  Getting opted-in users is usually a painstaking process that involves several calls-to-action to encourage mobile users to opt-in over a long period of time.  Even then, you’ll still only gain a handful of opt-ins from your efforts.

Utilizing text-to-screen, on the other hand, initiates the best possible call-to-action you can have; a unique crowd-based engagement technique that has the potential to help you gain numerous opted-in users in one fell swoop.

The many ways text-to-screen helps obtain valuable consumer-data as well as opt-in subscriber lists for future marketing campaigns is the number one underlying benefit of utilizing this unique mobile marketing channel.  To get more information on how text-to-screen works and the many value-added benefits, check out mobileStorm’s all-inclusive offerings.