The Canadian Technology Accelerator just hosted a panel on #Trends2015 that featured, not surprisingly, information on some of the biggest global digital marketing and advertising trends to look out for in the coming year.

Frankly, most of them have already been in the news of late quite often, but a trend it is a trend and, in 2015, the trends with which we’re already family will continue.

In other words, trends that continue will be a continuing trend in 2015. That may read like a headline in The Onion, but it’s true, as The Huffington Post recently chronicled in some detail.

When the smoke clears in 2015, the year may very well go on to be one mostly about sensors, wearables, and sponsored content.

You might already know about sensor technology like the iBeacon from Apple, but expect a flurry of new platforms and solutions to capitalize on this rich and promising technology. Beacons allow more interaction between an environment and a consumer’s smartphone, and, in 2015, you can expect them to be placed just about everywhere.

Just as ubiquitous will be wearables like smartwatches (which may soon become the smartest mobile marketing platforms in existence). But in terms of marketing content, the popularity of sensors and wearables will be rivaled only by that of native advertising.

Building on its momentum from this year, native advertising will continue to evolve next year as new native ad formats emerge – particularly those that bring native ads to the small screen and, concurrently, to the forefront of mobile advertising.