I recently read a headline regarding how many people in Canada would rather \”hold their cell phone on Valentine\’s Day\” instead of a special person. Cell phones were the clear winner, at 56 percent! This solidifies the fact that the mobile holds a prominent place in people\’s hearts.

For those of you who may think you don\’t have room in your media mix for SMS, think again. After all, activated emotions are a key precedent of purchase intentions. Getting right to the heart of your potential customers has never been easier because of the simplicity and affordability of text message marketing.

One of the most powerful ways of using SMS is by adding that interactive aspect to your marketing campaigns, and no matter what kind of advertising you do, there is a place for a mobile component. That\’s because including an SMS call-to-action makes it really easy for you to get your customers to engage with your brand. And it gives them a sense of empowerment, since consumers choose who to engage via text.

Text-in calls-to-action can be placed anywhere: On your website, print ads, on outdoor boards, wherever you wish. They offer the ability to provide the instant gratification many people need to become buyers–and are effective vehicles for disseminating product incentives many are looking for in a recession.

This Valentine\’s Day season, get to the heart of your prospects: Send a text!

Shaneli Ramratan, Director of Marketing, mobileStorm