SMS Squeak Of DeathWe at mobileStorm are passionate about all the uses for permission-based email and SMS messaging. Applications range from public safety to mobile marketing, and can save lives as well as boost one\’s brand. But a new use has arisen, which even we couldn\’t have forseen: An alert for when a mousetrap has done its job.

Rentokil, a U.K.-based conglomerate that includes a pest control company, has a trap called RADAR that comes in both mouse and rat versions. RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance) is high-tech enough, what with its pressure sensors and carbon-monoxide dispenser. But after Mickey or Templeton snuffs it, RADAR will send a text message or email to let you know, perhaps in the words of a movie mob assassin, \”It\’s done.\”

Guess this is appropriate for the person who\’s suffered too much vermin for too long and is desperate for some good news. Or perhaps it\’s a way for Rentokil to prove its efficacy to the customer, one rodent at a time, like some kind of morbid version of pay-per-click.

Alas, there\’s no sign of an MMS or a mobile Internet video version of RADAR coming soon.