SMS Or Die
Ahoy! Since today be Talk Like A Pirate Day, I’d like t’ share one o’ me favorite tips for any pirate captain’s success.

Have ye ever been out at sea and need t\’ reach your buckos on anot’ ship, so you can plan t’ plunder a treaaye-laden vessel? Email\’s not convenient when yer about t\’ board another boat. ‘N voice calls don\’ always work tha’ far out at sea. That’s why SMS be so important t’ t’ successful pirate captain.

See, SMS uses less bandwidth tha\’ voice calls, so yer much more likely t’ reach yer mateys with text messages (lookee wha\’ me buckos at mobileStorm have to say about tha’ here ‘n here ‘n here). An\’ since texts reach a body right in ‘is pocket, e\’s most likely to check it faster ‘n an email. So it be behoovin\’ a captain t\’ use SMS for all his plunderin\’ plans. An\’ also when plannin\’ some time off ashore with me beauties, arrr!

That all sound too complicated? Avast! Me mobileStorm mateys tell you all about it in t’ new white paper, SMS Or Die. T\’ain\’t jus\’ for landlubbers!

Captain Thumb
SMS King O\’ Th\’ Sea
(This post written with a little help from the English-To-Pirate translator.)