Last week our CEO, Jared Reitzin, wrote a guest column for Mobile Marketing Watch about the current state of short code provisioning.  For those of you familiar with the process, you know it is relatively \”antiquated,\” as Jared says, and pretty inefficient. There are a number of ways provisioning can be improved, and Jared offers candid advice to Neustar, which is the agency in charge of short code provisioning, and to the carriers themselves.

A few of the problems the current system faces include lengthy start-up time, limited availability of short codes, and a message flow approval process that is not efficient.  The most troubling thing, Jared notes, is that carriers and Neustar haven\’t  taken any initiative to update the process. Our CEO discusses the importance of streamlining short code provisioning to accommodate the fast growing mobile industry,

Check out his suggestions and add your own comments. Hopefully we can start a dialogue that helps to bring short code provisioning in-line with the current times.