If you have ever been a passenger on a packed subway car, you are well aware of how challenging it is to maintain a sense of privacy. In an effort to obtain privacy, passengers are increasingly inclined to turn to their mobile devices to escape the crowds surrounding them.

Naturally, this leads to a fast-emerging area of opportunity for mobile marketers.

In a recent study called “Mobile Crowdsensing” conducted by researchers at New York University Stern School of Business, Temple University, and Sichuan University, the number of mobile deals purchased actually increased when train cars were packed with passengers.

“Commuters purchased 2.1% of the deals when the train was at two people per square meter, for example, versus 4.3% at five people per square meter,” the report summary in the WSJ reads. “A stuffy train, the study concludes, can effectively send commuters into the hands of brands.”

This discovery may open the door for the deployment of mobile coupons from local or nationwide retailers.

All told, the promising results of this study are likely to lead mobile marketers to consider other crowded scenarios in which they can garner the same high conversion rates from mobile coupons or exclsuive deals sent from nearby beacons.