In another clear and compelling example of the powerful hold eCommerce now exerts on the general public, a new report from eMarketer indicates that only 20% of digital shoppers in the U.K. actually prefer to shop in stores.

Visits to retail websites from mobile devices are growing strongly in the U.K., eating into visits previously made via a desktop… with 12% of UK digital buyers now preferring to use either smartphones or tablets to access multichannel retailers.

According to today’s report, U.K. consumers are now the leading digital shoppers in Europe, “accounting for a little under half of the total B2C ecommerce sales for the EU-5 in 2013.”

Although mobile and desktop shopping are heating up across the European continent, the U.K. is where consumers are most “engaged.”

So how are the British using their devices to save time and money?

“U.K. consumers are most concerned about the price of items, with almost one quarter (24%) checking price information, the highest proportion, and 22% buying using their phone,” eMarketer reports.