Before I started writing about messaging technology, I wasn’t sure what the phrase “short code” meant–even though I’d used them all the time as a consumer. So how can someone new to the space, even if (s)he is a seasoned vet of marketing, be expected to?

That’s why I’m excited about The Ultimate Guide To Common Short Codes, mobileStorm’s newest white paper, written by CEO Jared Reitzin himself. (You can find it, along with our other valuable white papers, here.)

“The popularity and recognition of short codes in the USA accelerated dramatically with  shows like American Idol (i.e., Text VOTE to 4701 for your favorite idol) and recently  when President Obama used a short code-based method to announce Joe Biden as  his vice president. Supporters were encouraged to text OBAMA to 62262 to be the  first to know… The Obama VP announcement  was considered the largest single mobile marketing event in history, texting 2.5 million  people,” Jared points out.

After offering these clear examples of short code use–and success–Jared gives readers a primer on how to start using a short code.

He gives a heads-up on the CSCA, the entity in charge of short codes (to find out what “CSCA” means, read the paper); explains each step in the process of obtaining and using a code; and addresses some of the headaches, such as wait-time for approval and certification.

Also, Jared spells out the difference between “common” and “dedicated” codes (the latter being exclusive to one company or brand, often spelling out an easily-recognized name or word), making it easier for a company to decide which type of code to use.

To get the 411 on everything you need to know about short codes, download  The Ultimate Guide To Common Short Codes  today!

Eydie Cubarrubia

“I’d rather you text me”