bulls-eye-1044725_1280-1132x670According to a recent eMarketer report, “nearly a third of senior advertisers in North America are familiar with people-based targeting and know the concept well. A further 39 percent said they have a general idea of what it is.”

The February, 2016 research — conducted by Econsultancy and Signal — queried respondents on their understanding of people-based targeting.

What is people-based targeting, exactly? In sum, it’s a strategic discipline that targets ads at real people rather than cookies across devices and channels.

The survey showed that there are still many not very familiar with the strategy.

“Indeed, 21 percent of senior advertisers said they have heard of people-based targeting and addressable media, but were not clear on the concepts,” notes eMarketer. “Additionally, 10 percent of respondents said they were not familiar with the terms.”

It’s something all of them will probably want to bone up on. People-based advertising is growing.

“In fact, 22 percent of senior advertisers said it’s increasing quickly, and 45 percent of senior advertisers said it’s increasing, but slowly. Nearly a third of senior advertisers said there’s no change,” according to eMarketer.