Mobile Search Trends: Adios, Desktop; Hello, Mobile Will Be Message in 2015The day is coming — and it looks like it’s just around the corner.

Mobile is the story of the past couple years and many have been anticipating the day that mobile search surpasses desktop search as the go-to methodology.

While we don’t the specific day yet, we can name the year: 2015, when we will “see mobile search reach the tipping point—the stage at which the majority of spend, organic traffic and paid clicks comes from smartphones and tablets, surpassing traditional desktop/laptop search activity,” notes eMarketer in its new report “Key Digital Trends for 2015: What’s in Store—and Not in Store—for the Coming Year.”

Marketers will need to recognize the significance of that day, but documenting return on investment (ROI) will require more time.

While eMarketer suggests ROI on mobile search is getting better, it could trail desktop search ROI for at least another twelve months or more. However, improvements in mobile measurement are getting more precise, and a host of analytics firms are steadfastly working in this arena.

“The ubiquity of smartphones, and consumers’ growing use of phones in almost every waking moment of the day, means that search will be more mobile than desktop next year,” according to eMarketer. “The importance of search in the digital experience makes this a trend that bears watching.”