Mobile Marketing WatchThe tricky thing about mobile marketing is that it requires two different skill sets: Technological fluency and knowledge of advertising/promotion. These realms aren\’t often complementary. A brilliant marketer may have done lots of great things in traditional media but has no idea how to navigate mobile digital platforms. And techies don\’t always see the forest for the trees, admiring the technology without caring about its implications for common folk.

Luckily there\’s a really cool site we\’ve recently discovered called Mobile Marketing Watch. True, we first discovered it when the writer, Vic Berggren, gave us props a couple of times. Still, it\’s both useful and engaging.

You won\’t find long-winded missives that aim to show off the writer\’s knowledge while trying to make less-informed readers feel inferior. Instead, Mr. Berggren writes concise entries about everything from unknown startups to campaign strategies.

Think of as kind of like a One-A-Day vitamin of mobile technology and marketing. Like such nutrients help a body, the site helps companies thrive in a fast-growing market.

Eydie Cubarrubia
Marketing Communications Manager