The Mobile Marketing Association recently announced the formation of what the organization is calling the first ever Mobile Location Data Accuracy Group.

The focus of the group will be to “eliminate any confusion around mobile location data and to improve the trust and confidence brand marketers and agencies have in mobile location advertising and the data that drives it.”

To make it happen, the MMA is forming a Location Leadership Council, which will be an industry “think tank” of sorts.

Specifically the Mobile Location Data Accuracy Group will:

• Dig deeper into each of these data types and elaborate further on their appropriate uses and limitations;
• Develop and issue an RFI (Request for Information) to all location data vendors and validators that will establish criteria with which vendors can be aligned with the data types they use;
• Establish strict, standardized definitions with the MRC that vendors will be held accountable to and audited against.

“In order to scale mobile marketing specifically driven by location data, it is critical for the industry to come together to develop a common set of definitions of the types of location data available and how they are best used,” says Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA. “By agreeing to and abiding by a common set of best practices and guidelines, MMA members will be instrumental in driving the growth in the industry while assuring brand marketers of the measurable value derived from their mobile efforts.”

To learn more about the effort, visit the Mobile Marketing Association online here.