Mobile Marketers Will Soon Be More 'Driven' Than Ever4G Internet connectivity and other traditionally mobile device-centric technologies are coming to automobiles this year. And the marketing and advertising opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving dynamics of in-auto connectivity will soon be apparent.

Those hoping to use voice commands to start their vehicle or activate other features such as turning on the heat, might see their wishes come true in the coming months.

Google, for instance, has already partnered with four car manufacturers – Hyundai, Audi, Honda, and General Motors, to integrate its Android OS into vehicles.

It was announced at CES in Las Vegas last week that the four manufacturers along with Google and chipmaker Nvidia are the first members of the Open Automotive Alliance. Vehicles from the manufacturers in the alliance will be the first to have built-in internet utilizing 4G cellular technology, allowing for a wide array of applications from entertainment to directions.  This will help pave the way for self-driving cars of the future.

But the geolocation marketing possibilities of this development are leaving countless marketers tangibly excited.

Similarly, Apple is working on its iOS for the car and plans to unveil more information later this year.  Microsoft is partnering with car makers as well.

Brad Stertz, a representative from Audi, said that users could begin reading a book on their phone or tablet, but once in their vehicle, the car’s OS could continue by reading the book aloud to them.

Hyundai spokesperson, Barry Ratzlaff, said that they plan to incorporate Google Maps and Google Now into their cars down the road.

The bottom line? Mobile marketing is about to hit the open roads in an entirely new way.