Mobile CouponsmobileStorm\’s new premium service, Coupon Management (launching Friday) couldn\’t have come at a better time. As national brands start using a national mobile ad platform, SMBs can use our service to compete with them.

Last week there was much ado as Yahoo! Mobile announced it would create a nationwide platform for mobile coupons, with corporate advertisers like Papa John\’s using the service (I guess this is how the pizza chain will implement its campaign announced earlier this month). The news made headlines, I suppose, because when enterprises start adopting new technology, it seems to be proof that said technology is about to come into its own.

At the same time, one report noted that mobile coupons \”so far have mostly been tested only in local markets or niche categories.\” That means there must have been some success on the part of such SMB marketers, for enterprises to have taken the plunge. Moreover, it underscores the competition already underway, even if it\’s just beginning, among smaller brands. So SMBs who want to compete on their own level, as well as with national rivals, had better start using mobile coupons too.

Mobile Coupons

Never fear – mobileStorm\’s Coupon Management can help! It\’s an extra service on top of our mobileStorm 4.0 digital messaging platform – which means it\’s an affordable option for marketers of any budgetary means. Plus, Coupon Management can also distribute digital coupons via email, RSS, and other channels. That\’s ahead of the Yahoo! Mobile platform, which seems to only have vague plans of being multi-channel.

Coupon Management is doing it all – for marketers of brands both great and small.

Eydie Cubarrubia
Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm
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