Despite being deemed a dunce in mobile less than two years ago, today Facebook has emerged as a mobile must for businesses with anything to sell or promote.

And the advantages native to Facebook are not commonplace elsewhere. In fact, the likes of Twitter can’t come close to the mobile commerce machine that Facebook has proven itself to be.

As far as using social media to drive online sales and conversions, Facebook is the king of the social networking jungle.

“As compared to Twitter, Facebook is responsible for 10 times the number of shares, 20 times the amount of site traffic, and 30 times the number of new customers acquired,” explains Curebit vice president Brad Kam.

“Twitter, is simply not as relevant for commerce,” Kam tells VentureBeat.

But why?

“Twitter is a place for strangers – that’s the reason it’s not nearly as relevant,” he explains. “It gets to the core of why people are taking action on recommendations… Twitter tends to be a one-way conversation where influencers are speaking to their followers, while Facebook is where actual friends are connecting. Friendship and trust are what’s driving new customers to buy. That’s why Facebook is so much stronger than Twitter for commerce.”