MMA Issues Programmatic Navigator, New Report on Native Advertising Effectiveness to Help Mobile MarketersThis week, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced the availability of two new resources to help brands and publishers measure and demonstrate the impact of mobile advertising.

“The Programmatic Navigator is an interactive tool that provides greater transparency on targeting techniques as they relate to specific mobile KPIs,” said the MMA in its announcement . “The “Mobile Native Advertising – It’s Fit and Effective” overview is the latest in a series of published insights from MMA’s Mobile Native Advertising Committee. The programs serve the industry’s growing need for practical tools to assist planning in the cross-channel environment.”

Because mobile is a key driver behind the rapid growth of programmatic, marketers need help in measuring the success of mobile programmatic campaigns. That’s why the MMA Mobile Programmatic Committee just introduced the Programmatic Navigator, “a dynamic and user-friendly tool designed to help guide brand marketers in their selection of measurements and partners for mobile programmatic campaigns.”

For each mobile KPI, the Programmatic Navigator offers answers to critical questions that assist planners in vetting their options.

“Whether your campaign is intended to drive sales or boost brand awareness, mobile presents a unique set of challenges to measuring campaign effectiveness,” said Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer at MMA. “Marketers now can turn to the Programmatic Navigator for a clearer picture of the wide range of targeting and measurement solutions on the market.”

The other new offering — the “Mobile Native Advertising – It’s Fit and Effective” overview — is the second chapter in a series from MMA’s Mobile Native Advertising Committee.

This fresh overview provides numerous new insights including the fact that, when optimized for frequency of exposure, mobile native advertising performed as much as 10 times better compared to mobile display advertising at similar frequency.

“Such performance covers for the price premium of native, thus improving the ROI of the campaign overall,” noted the MMA. “In contrast to display, native ads build impact at lower frequency because there is greater attentiveness to the content, suggesting that there are different rules and best practices to maximize the performance of mobile native advertising.”

“As marketers continue to expand their mobile marketing initiatives, it’s incredibly helpful to glean insight from other leading brands on platform and media choices, what’s really driving performance in the mix,” said Daija. “The overview on mobile native advertising delivers such insights as well as clear guidance on best practices.”

Take a look at the entire MMA Mobile Native Ad Format Recommendation report here.