MMAMarketers new to the digital space, particularly to mobile, can become overwhelmed by both laws and best practices. When in doubt, they should look at resources such as mobileStorm\’s own whitepapers and – more importantly in the case of marketing on cell phones – the Mobile Marketing Association.

That’s never been more important than last week, when the MMA put out new guidelines for marketing text messages and mobile banner ads. (The MMA is a global organization represented in more than forty countries. Its 600-plus members include agencies, advertisers, hand held device manufacturers, carriers and operators, retailers, software providers and service providers, any other company focused on the potential of marketing via mobile devices – and, of course, mobileStorm.)

“The creation of ad guidelines by the MMA ensures that the industry is taking a proactive approach to keep subscriber experience, content integrity, and simplified execution as the driving forces behind all mobile advertising programs,” said MMA president Laura Marriott. In other words, they help marketers figure out the best ways to make their mobile messages appealing to consumers.

The new guidelines are important for marketers because they take into account growth and changes in the mobile space, from games to texting to usage of multi-media data. The MMA also streamlined its various global regional guidelines into one all-encompassing set of rules – perfect for marketers who want to implement international campaigns.

We highly recommend that all mobile marketers download the MMA’s new guidelines at:

Happy messaging!

Eydie Cubarrubia
Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm
“I’d rather you text me”