After seeing the same corridors and faces for many  hours and several days, the most devoted business conference attendee wants to  escape a convention site for a few hours. But with a special SMS campaign, powered by mobileStorm, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino was able to boost its database while directing conference customers to its own bars and restaurants

MGM Grand was one of several hotels booked by Prepaid Legal Conference attendees in early September. After obtaining permission from conference organizers, the hotel told the 300 attendees who were staying at the site that they could receive special offers via SMS. Two hundred and eight–or just more than 69 percent–of those conference-goers opted in. Over their four-day stay, they received texts offering  various drink specials at the MGM’s numerous bars.

Those who received the SMS alerts were able to forward the text marketing messages to friends as well. This made viral the campaign to keep guests at the MGM Grand instead of heading to other fun spots in Las Vegas. There was a  total of 549 redemptions for offers of free or two-for-one cocktails.

MGM Grand  didn’t just  enhance its database by capturing information from consumers who opted in. With SMS, it was “successful in keeping attendees on-property during conference downtime and breaks,” as reported on the Mobile Marketing Association’s website.

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