Using Bulk SMS to start the ConversationIt would be nice to say we’re living in times of plenty. Truth is the emperor\’s wearing no clothes and everyone sees it but no one wants to say it… I can barely say it myself… ‘recession?’ When every last dollar needs to be stretched to the max, one the best ways to start and maintain a conversation with your clients is with original strategies tailored to your business. Mobile marketing is one cost effective way to make the most of your dollars and get right into the pocket of your target audience.

If you need extra encouragement, try this… ask the next ten people you run into what device they can’t live without? You’re likely to get the answer-handheld or personal cellular phone. With such a high penetration like that it\’s no wonder more and more companies are starting to use this powerful messaging platform.

Building a reliable one on one conversation can be especially daunting in uncertain economic times when most marketing messages are suspect. To offset this trend, companies need to design SMS campaigns that push beyond the hum-drum of traditional advertising. With mobile programs enjoying deliverability that rivals the best email rates (I\’ve heard low averages at 10%, and whispers of even higher rates), the viability of using this medium to steady business is clear. Yes, it\’s important to remember tighter budgets affect consumers and clients also. Therefore, make sure to carefully implement of mobile programs to both steady the ship and make your sailing even smoother when the downturn is over.

Recession consumer spending practices may surprise you. In times of grim economic conditions, consumers definitely cut back on many goods and services. Nevertheless, they are receptive to offers that make their life brighter. Sending relevant mobile marketing campaigns can develop meaningful client interactions today and strong relationships tomorrow.

Shaneli Ramratan
Marketing Manager
mobileStorm, Inc.