The process of focusing so much marketing attention on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the detriment of available marketing dollars to span the entire holiday season is no longer a mistake many marketers are making.

According to a new report from BDO USA, a recent survey of chief marketing officers in the nation finds that there will be a more equitable distribution of marketing budgets across the months of November and December.

A report summary from eMarketer also notes that the hesitancy of marketers to expand the holiday shopping season likely results from fears related to a backlash against “holiday creep.”

Respondents indicated that they did not suffer from Black Friday and Cyber Monday tunnel vision in planning their promotions. Half of those polled said they would spread most of their promotions across the holiday shopping season, while only 13% said they would focus the majority of them on Black Friday and the following weekend.

“Marketers are also well aware of the effect that the promise of good deals can have on driving foot traffic to physical store locations, and they’re planning on taking full advantage of that fact,” the report reads.

Mobile marketing and digital advertising efforts will be strong, consistent, and at the forefront of the holiday retail marketing push from the start of the season to the finish this year.