With smart glasses and smart watches expected to usher in a new era of mobile and digital marketing opportunities for the next-generation of tech-savvy marketers, the latest projections from Juniper Research are promising.

New findings from the analysts at Juniper reveal that global wearable smart glasses shipments will reach 10 million annually by 2018, compared to an estimated (and relatively paltry) 87,000 units this year.

Not surprisingly, Juniper Research notes that as the retail price for smart glasses decline towards the end of the forecast period, the adoption level amongst consumers will significantly increase.

Juniper’s latest report, ‘Smart Glasses: Market Prospects 2013-2018’ argues that in order for wearable devices such as smart glasses to achieve critical mass, they need to be much more than complementary devices or secondary screens.

“These devices would need to incorporate intuitive and user-friendly functionalities and capture the imagination of the general public making the technology seamless within their daily routine,” observes report author Nitin Bhas.

The wearable smart glasses market is expected to be “dominated” by the most developed regions in North America, Far East and China and Western Europe.