Global advertising spending will increase 5.7 percent this year. It’s being driven by higher expenditure on digital and mobile marketing, according to a survey by eMarketer recently published at BDLive.

The increase is the largest growth projection for global advertising spending since eMarketer began tracking the market in 2008.

Total media spending could top $545 billion this year, compared with $516.2 billion last year, which was a gain of 2.6 percent on 2012, according to the research. Digital advertising is forecast to increase 16.7 percent and for the first time could account for more than 25 percent of total advertising spend.

“The learning curve for mobile is all starting to get figured out now,” said Dan Marcec, director of public relations for eMarketer. “Publishers like Facebook and Google have started to understand consumer behavior on these devices.”

eMarketer forecasts that by 2018, “mobile advertising spending will account for more than 50 percent of all online media, which in turn will account for about one-third of total advertising spending.”

The U.S. is estimated to be the leader in advertising spending, with more than $180 billion anticipated in 2014 — an estimated $565 a person.

China, the world’s most populous country, is forecast to be the second-largest advertising spender, even though marketers may spend just $37 a person.

“In emerging markets like China, Indonesia and India, mobile advertising dollars will remain a comparatively small portion of digital ad spending throughout our forecast,” the researcher said.